Chicken Shashlik with Rhubarb: serving idea !

Ye wilds, that look eternal; and thou cave,
Which seem’st unfathomable; and ye mountains,
So varied and so terrible in beauty;
Here, in your rugged majesty of rocks

Lord Byron about Caucasus mountains in “Heaven and Earth”
Chicken Shashlik with Rhubarb Recipe

Shashlik ingredients (2 servings):
– 300g chicken breast
– 1 rhubarb stalk

Marinade ingredients:
– juice of 1/3 lemon
– 1 teaspoon salt
– 1/3 teaspoon black pepper
– 3 cloves grated garlic

1 Combine marinade ingredients in a bowl and mix them well
2 Chop chicken in 1cm pieces, put them to the marinade & keep in the fridge for 2 hours
3 Preheat the oven to 200C
4 Peel rhubarb and chop into 0.5cm width pieces
5 Put rhubarb and chicken pieces one by one on the tooth sticks
6 Transfer tooth sticks into the baking form: bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 180C
7 Serve with mashed potato and fresh chopped parsley !

Bouchée cakes with chocolate icing: as in my favourite bakery !

“But I don’t mind some cake-seed-cake, if you have any.”
“Lots!” Bilbo found himself answering, to his own surprise

J.R.R. Tolkien
Bouchée Cakes

Sponge cakes ingredients (all ingredients for 12 cakes):
– 3 eggs
– 70g flour
– 60g sugar
– 2g Vanilla sugar

Filling cream ingredients:
– 50g butter
– 2 tablespoons sugar
– 2g Vanilla sugar
– 2 tablespoon water
– 2 tablespoons wheat flour

Chocolate icing ingredients:
– 50g dark (>=50%) chocolate
– 50ml 33% cream
– 20g butter

Beatifying ingredients:
– 8 strawberries
– 12 mint leaves

1 Sponge cakes:
1.1 Preheat the oven to 190C
1.2 Whisk the eggs + sugar + vanilla sugar for 2-3 minutes
1.3 Stir in flour and finely mix
1.4 Pour the batter into the buttered muffin forms: bake for 25 minutes at 190C
1.5 Remove the cakes from the oven and let them cool down
1.6 Cut cooled down cakes into the upper and lower halves
2 Chocolate-strawberry icing:
2.1 Wash and slice the strawberries; wash 12 mint leaves
2.2 Melt chocolate + butter + 33% cream
2.3 Put each top cake half into the melted chocolate butter -> put on a separate plate
2.4 Decorate with strawberries&mint and put the cakes tops for 1 hour in the fridge 🙂
3 Filling cream:
3.1 Keep the butter at room temperature for 40 minutes
3.2 Whisk all the filling ingredients
3.3 Put the filling cream in the fridge for 30 minutes
3.4 Put the cream in between lower and top cakes halves, then join the halves
4 Put the cakes in the fridge overnight and & get prepared for a great coffee-break ! 😉

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