Paccheri con Salmone !

Ingredients (for 2 servings):- 180g salmon- 150ml 33% cream- 250g Paccheri- 3 garlic clothes- 80g Parmesan- 1/2 tsp salt- 1/2 tsp black pepper- 1/2 tbsp olive oil for frying- chopped parsley/dill for servingMethod:1 Grate Parmesan into a bowl and put in the fridge2 Cut salmon into 1.5cm cubes3 Chop garlic into slices4 Simultaneously start boiling…

Goulash with Knedlíky

Bez práce nejsou koláče. Czech proverb Goulash ingredients:- 400g beef- 5 onions- 1.5 tbsp paprika- salt and pepper to taste- sunflower oil for frying onion- 3 tbsp flour for the sauceKnedlíky ingredients:- 500g potatoes- 150g flour- 50g semolina- 2 eggs- 1/2 tsp saltMethod:1 Goulash1.1 Cut beef in 2-3cm pieces1.2 Chop onion and fry for 4…

Aubergine Rolls with Walnuts !

May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks. J.R.R. Tolkien Aubergine stripes ingredients:- 2 aubergines- olive oil for baking aubergines- chopped parsley for servingFilling ingredients:- 150g (baked) walnuts- 2-3 garlic cloves- 1/2 tsp salt- 1/4 tsp black pepper- 1 bunch dill- 1/4 cup warm waterMethod:1 Preheat the…

Simple and Healthy Soup with Broccoli and Meatballs !

Courage is found in unlikely places. J.R.R. Tolkien Vegetables etc. ingredients (4-6 servings):- 12 small (8 medium) potatoes- 10 carrots- 1 broccoli head- 1 tsp salt- chopped parsley for servingMeatballs ingredients:- 400g minced beef- 2 eggs- 1/2 tsp salt- 4-6 tbsp millet powder- 2 tbsp floor for dipping meatballsMethod:1 Peel and cut vegetables and put…


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