Homemade sweet potato bread rolls !

Einer neuen Wahrheit ist nichts schädlicher als ein alter Irrtum. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Ingredients (for 10 bread rolls):– 600g all-purpose flour– 150ml water– 21g fresh yeast– 1tsp sugar– 1tsp salt– 3 small sweet potatoes Beautifying ingredients:– sesame seeds– 1tbsp milk Method:1 Dough1.1 Boil sweet potatoes and mash until smooth1.2 Warm up water to 35C, add … Continue reading “Homemade sweet potato bread rolls !”

Warm soup in the pot with red bell peppers, carrots, beef and pearl barley !

花より団子 Japanese saying Ingredients (6 pots):– 400g minced beef– 3 red bell peppers– 5-6 carrots– one large red onion– 1 glass (250ml) pearl barley– 2 tsp salt– 5-6tbsp tomato puree (pure tomatoes, not salted)– 300-350ml water in each pot Method:1 Grate carrots; chop bell peppers & onion2 Combine vegetables, 1 glass not boiled pearl barley, … Continue reading “Warm soup in the pot with red bell peppers, carrots, beef and pearl barley !”

Pelmeni: Dumplings with Beef and Pork !

Patsuk opened his mouth, stared at the vareniki, and opened his mouth wider still. At that moment, a varenik jumped out of the bowl, splashed into the cream, flipped over and leapt straight up into his mouth. Patsuk opened his mouth again, and another varenik went through the same performance. The only trouble he took … Continue reading “Pelmeni: Dumplings with Beef and Pork !”


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