Goulash with Knedlíky

Bez práce nejsou koláče.

Czech proverb

Goulash ingredients:
– 400g beef
– 5 onions
– 1.5 tbsp paprika
– salt and pepper to taste
– sunflower oil for frying onion
– 3 tbsp flour for the sauce

Knedlíky ingredients:
– 500g potatoes
– 150g flour
– 50g semolina
– 2 eggs
– 1/2 tsp salt


1 Goulash
1.1 Cut beef in 2-3cm pieces
1.2 Chop onion and fry for 4 min in sunflower oil
1.3 Add beef and cook for 1.5 hours, add water when needed
1.4 Add 3 tbsp flour, mix well and cook for another 30 minutes, add water when needed
2 Knedlíky
2.1 Mix boiled potatoes, flour, semolina and salt: mix well
2.2 Form two sausages 5cm diameter
2.3 Put the sausages in the boiling water, covering the sausages, boil for 20 minutes at medium heat
3 Serve Goulash with Knedlíky and dill!

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