Buckwheat pancakes with Gruyère, Ham and Egg !

When the first fine spring days come, and the earth awakes and assumes its garment of verdure, when the perfumed warmth of the air blows on our faces and fills our lungs, and even appears to penetrate to our heart, we feel vague longings for undefined happiness, a wish to run, to walk at random, to inhale the spring.

Guy de Maupassant
Buckwheat pancakes with Gruyère, Ham and Egg

Batter ingredients (for 5-6 pancakes):
– 1/3-1/2 cup buckwheat flour
– 2 tablespoons wheat flour
– 1/2 egg
– 1 cup water (might be less or more, depends on buckwheat flour)
– 1 pinch salt
– 40g butter for frying

Filling ingredients (for filling 5-6 galettes):
– 5-6 eggs
– 80g ham
– 100g grated Gruyère cheese
– a few sprigs of green onions

1 Combine batter ingredients, mix them well and whisk until the batter is uniform
2 Grate Gruyère cheese, slice ham and put them in a fridge for a while in 2 bowls
3 Cook the pancakes
3.1 Melt butter in the skillet and pour ~1/2 cup of batter in it
3.2 Cook 2-3 minutes on one side and 1-2 minutes on another side
3.3 Repeat 2.1-2.2 for the remaining pancakes 🥞
4 Cook 5-6 eggs (as many as a number of pancakes you made) in a separate skillet with the melted butter, put them on a plate covered with a lid to keep them warm 😉
5 Warm up the pancakes in a frying pan with some melted butter and add in the middle of them the following levels:
5.1 Sliced ham
5.2 Grated Gruyère cheese
5.3 Cooked egg
6 Put the cooked galettes on the plates, and fold over their four edges
7 Garnish with chopped green onions & black pepper
8 Serve immediately and enjoy !


Do not try to replace water by milk or butter by oil otherwise all the charm will be lost! 🙂

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